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Ruth Cooper-Dickson is an accredited trauma-informed thrivership and wellbeing coach. She is an experienced positive psychology practitioner and specialises in post-traumatic growth.

Ruth is focused on helping those who have experienced adverse life situations and difficulties to thrive. Ruth has her own lived experience of trauma, burnout and mental-ill health diagnosis’ moving through her own recovery to healing journey. Ruth’s journey prompted her to serve others through coaching by offering individuals a safe and sometimes challenging space to focus on what they need to unlock and grow in order to thrive.

How Can Coaching Help Me?

Ruth holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, coupled with accreditation as an EMCC Coaching Practitioner. Ruth is also a qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor. Her academic research sits within the coaching sphere and how it can facilitate the outcome of post-traumatic growth, a topic she speaks and writes about in the media.
Ruth has a Mental Wealth and People Consultancy which partners with global corporates on their wellbeing strategy, coaches humanitarian aid volunteers out in the field and has her own social enterprise called CHAMPS for Change providing coaching to women who have experienced abuse, trauma, or adversity. Ruth is a patron of the anxiety charity No Panic.

Areas Ruth can help you with:

Coaching is about you taking control and becoming the architect of your own life.

Ruth’s manifesto for her coaching practice is likened to when you are working on your own home (where your home could be considered as your very soul). Sometimes you only want to work on the lighter touch soft furnishings, at other points you’re ready to tackle the deeper work in the basement or in the loft (the ‘stuff’ you have been putting off), to uncover, declutter and have a clear out of what you don’t need anymore.

Coaching rarely works as a one-off session and through experience, Ruth has found over the years with her clients, a series of sessions often works best.
Our chemistry session is a 30-45minute complimentary session. This is to ensure you are well-matched and is your opportunity to talk with Ruth and discuss where you may require support from coaching.

Generally, with all Coaching packages, your sessions will be monthly, however, these can be closer together or further apart based on your needs. Each package will be valid for a period of 12 months.

Sessions are ideally held in the practice room the Wellness Hub and could be online if needed.
Refresh3x sessions£405
Restore6x sessions£765
Remodel10x sessions£1200

Following completion of a series of coaching sessions, a one -off Replenish session is available to you. As the coaching relationship will already be established – this is an ideal opportunity to embed your learning, continue to declutter or top and tail the inner work you have already embarked upon.

Replenish1x session£150

Ruth offers 1:1 coaching in-person at The Wellness Hub on Tuesday evenings 4pm-8pm and Fridays 10am to 4pm. Online sessions may also be possible during these times.

Look out for positive psychology events at the Wellness Hub, special offers and ways you can connect with Ruth. A link to forthcoming events can be found here ……….


Visiting the wellness hub is always a joy for me. Emma is very knowledgeable and friendly, you feel at ease with her in treatments. Always tailor making a treatment so you feel you get what you need.

G King

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