What is No.1 Bra?

No.1 Bra isn’t your typical lingerie brand. We’re on a mission to change the way women think about underwear.
We’ve redesigned the bra, so it actually works with you, not against you. Why? Because we believe that women shouldn’t have to deal with the headache (or neck ache or back ache) of an uncomfortable bra. As a company we are inventive and have been granted patents in the UK, USA and throughout Europe.
Too many women come home at the end of the day and throw off their bra. We have created the No. 1 Bra to be so comfortable that you forget you’re even wearing it. We want you to put on your bra in the morning and feel uplifted, not weighed down. We want you to feel like your best, confident self, so you can go out there and achieve anything!
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Why We Created No.1 Bra

The idea for No. 1 Bra was inspired by our founder Jen’s experience in the lingerie industry. For over 30 years, Jen has been designing lingerie for some of the world’s biggest brands – from high end to high street.
Over time, she became challenged with the design of a typical bra, because it doesn’t work in harmony with the natural shape of women’s bodies. The traditional underwire is historically a horseshoe shape and high at the side, which is why it can dig into the breast tissue. Also, the side panels can become over-stretched and therefore do not offer the right level of comfort or support. This needed to change.
The more she spoke to women and heard their stories of uncomfortable bras, the more she realised that bras needed to be re-designed. So, armed with all her experience, she revolutionised the bra.
Jen wanted to create a first-class, comfortable bra with perfect craftsmanship and superior materials that also delivered on style. A smoothing bra that would be invisible under clothing. And she succeeded.

“Your bra is one of the first things you put on in the morning and it shapes the rest of your look. We designed the No. 1 Bra as the perfect foundation for your clothing, so if you feel fabulous in your underwear that’s a great start to the day!”

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