VibroGym and Powerplate 

The VibroGym and Powerplate is a new concept in fitness training and rehabilitation. It uses vibration passed through a platform to the body.

This vibration causes the muscle to go through a stretch reflex contraction 30 -60 times a second. This intense, repetitive contraction fatigues the muscle, allowing it to grow stronger in the recovery phase to withstand the increased effort. This is all achieved while putting less stress on the joints, tendons and ligaments. The VibroGym has been shown to have the same effect in 12 minutes as you get with 90 minutes of conventional exercise.

Proven Benefits of the VibroGym:

Weight Loss
Reduced Pain
Increased Metabolism
Increased Flexibility
Increased Strength/Power
Increased Circulation

VibroGym is proven to help in the following conditions:

 MS Patients
 Speed Training
 Power Training
 Core Stability
 Joint Problems
 Gait Correction
 Spinal Alignment
 Pain Reduction
 Sports Injury
 Postoperative Rehabilitation

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