On the Go Essential Oil Blend Rollerball – Triple Pack


Our On the Go Essential Oil Blends come in rollerball form to help you balance your wellbeing wherever life takes you. The compact size and rollerball application method makes it easy to throw into your bag or keep in your pocket for use on the go. All three of the essential oil blends in this kit have been diluted with 100% natural oils, which makes them safe to apply directly to your skin and onto pulse points such as the temples, behind the ears and wrists as needed. Choose from the balancing blend of Travel, containing orange, basil, bergamot and lavender to ground you when you’re out and about, the calming Sleep Well formulation of lavender, palmarosa and lavandin to promote restful sleep, and the High Energy blend, which boosts the mood and rejuvenates the spirit with its intoxicating aromas of grapefruit, mandarin and lime.

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