‘Coles Corner’ Soap 90g – Rose Geranium, Hibiscus & Jasmine Tea


Coles Corner soap is 100% natural and designed for all skin types this one is especially beneficial to dry skin types.It is made with skin nourishing oils such as Olive oil, Rice Bran oil, Castor oil and Coconut oil.These oils help to sooth the skin during and after washing and help to create a rich lather.This soap is subtly scented with Jasmine and Rose Geranium essential  oils giving a wonderful  floral smell to your skin.We have coloured this soap using Pink Australlian clay giving the soap a beautiful pink layer for mild exfoliation and to help draw out skin impurities.Our soaps are full of thoroughly moisturising oils so they will not dry out your skin like commercial beauty bars can, leaving skin clean and supple.Ingredients:Soaponified Rice bran oil, Soaponified Olive oil, Soaponified Coconut oil, Soaponified Castor oil, Soaponified Avocado oil, Water, Fullers Earth, Dried Calendula petals flowers,  Lavender essential oil, Geranium essential oil.How to use:Wet the soap in your hands and rub to create a lather, wash your body or your face with the lather then rinse with warm water.Can be used as a hand soap or for the whole body in the shower.Why not try one of our bamboo or sisal soap bags to hold your soap and provide exfoliation while washing.Warning: If you get any of the soap in your eyes please rinse immediately with cold water and seek medical advice.

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