Good posture, what is it? We all hear about the importance of good posture, but good posture really isn’t about standing up straight. It’s really about getting ourselves organised. We think about getting organised in our daily lives be it clearing clutter instead of sorting through it and tidying it up, stuffing it haphazardly into a closet, cabinet, or shelf. But the clutter never goes, it’s just been moved and the spot where you keep putting it will fill up.

Similarly, if you try and fix posture by lifting your chin, lifting your chest, pulling your shoulders back, sucking your belly in, or tucking your pelvis, it’s similar to moving your clutter from one place to another. By doing the latter, all you are doing is taking tension from one place and moving it somewhere else. Or we swap slumping forward to slumping backwards.

Unfortunately, these quick fixes aren’t sustainable and you may wonder how having good posture can ever feel good and be sustainable.

It Can. That’s where James Corporate Health can help you. We offer a range of Services. We can help with the ergonomics of your office space, Fatimah Parkar (Physiotherapist) will help you understand the Alexandra technique to fix your posture. The Alexandra technique, helps you eliminate tension that’s putting you wrong and establish simple routines for changing long held habits. We offer Personal Training – to strengthen those weak postural muscles. Sports massage to help relax the tensed-up muscles.

So, come along and improve your posture. Our expert team at Emma James will help you understand your body better.

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