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Our experts create a tailor-made plan designed specifically for you so you can achieve your fitness goals. Working with a personal trainer enables your programme to be tailored specifically to your fitness needs.

Your trainer will work with you to define your personal health and fitness levels. This individual approach enables you to be one step closer to your ultimate fitness goal. A major benefit of a personal trainer is the motivation and enthusiasm they bring to your workout. You are more likely to succeed in achieving your fitness goals when you have someone working with you, encouraging you when you need it. Our personal trainers ensure that you are exercising in a safe manner using the correct technique at all times. Exercise will be prescribed specifically to your fitness level and you will progress at exactly the right pace for you. This will minimise the risk of any injuries occurring, and ensure you have a safe, fun and challenging workout.

Benefits of Personal Training :

Tone up
Lose weight
Increase strength
Increase endurance levels
Increase muscle mass
Regain fitness levels after an injury or illness

Personal Training can help with:

General Wellbeing
Overcoming Fatigue
Decreasing Stress Levels
Improving General Fitness
Training for a specific event or sport
Boosting self-esteem and confidence

Post Pregnancy Benefits:

Improve flexibility
Help enhance your mood
Reduce postnatal depression
Improve your cardiovascular fitness
Strengthen and tone abdominal muscles
Promote weight loss (combined with reduced calorie intake)

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