Paediatric Physiotherapy

From newborns to teenagers, our physiotherapists offer physio assessment and treatments to facilitate short and long term goals.

At The Wellness Hub we have specialist expertise in working with children and their parents as a whole. Children are not just small adults and our therapists not only have specialist knowledge of conditions affecting children, but also in depth experience of normal and abnormal child development. The areas of paediatric physiotherapy that we specialise in are orthopaedics, neurology, musculoskeletal sporting injuries and postural dysfunction.

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Conditions Treated Include:

Cerebral palsy
Gait anomalies
Chronic pain
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Head injury
Developmental delay


Who Can It Help?

Infants also benefit from physiotherapy and we offer treatment for talipes, Erb’s palsy and head preference (restricted head movement /favours one side). Advice is also available regarding gross motor development and the prevention/management of plagiocephaly (flat head). This is applicable for term and pre-term infants.


Adolescents often feel out of place within the paediatric setting, but here at Emma James Physiotherapy we are able to bridge that gap offering an age appropriate assessment and treatment plan but with the option of linking in with the onsite gym and personal training service.

We work very closely with the child and parents/guardians to identify short and long term treatment goals and provide a tailor-made service to ensure that these goals are successfully met.

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