July 2019

As a student studying at A level, I am starting to look into what I want to do as a potential career path. From 15 years old I knew that my heart was set on a future in a care profession, more specifically into Physiotherapy.

The idea of treating a patient that is struggling in their everyday life and ensuring their recovery towards a better quality of life is such a rewarding thing to take on as a career. Due to a painful injury that was caused by overworking my shoulder, it had an impact on my training at the time as a swimmer. This led to having to take up various physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions.

The fascination for physiotherapy grew from that point onwards and the spark of interest ignited as soon as I walked into that room. As a result of this, I have completed wider reading around physiotherapy and the anatomy of the body which further encouraged me to look into this further as a degree at University. To ensure this interest was in fact something I wanted to do for the majority of my life, I was determined to find a place that could offer me some experience around this profession.

Emma James Physio clinic was an amazing experience in which the amount and the quality of the information received about the profession was amazing and definitely inspired me to work harder to ensure this becomes a career for me. It is a lovely, friendly and exceptional clinic. The staff were very professional and they went out of their way to make sure I felt welcome and comfortable.

If I was a trained physiotherapist now, I would be very grateful if I was able to work in a clinic like this one!


Blog Post by Bethany
Work Experience Student at Emma James Physio
July 2019


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