PelviPower Pelvic Floor Training For Men

Boosting sexual potency and stimulating healthy blood flow are among the many benefits of our pelvic floor training designed specifically for men. At The Wellness Hub, we use the PelviPower chair to help strengthen the male pelvic floor.

 A strong pelvic floor is a subject that applies to men just as much as women. The PelviPower Training helps men in case of erectile dysfunction and weak potency. It stimulates blood flow in the genital area and leads to the normalisation of muscle tone in the pelvic floor. Also after prostate operations with incontinence complaints, the PelviPower can achieve a significant improvement of the symptoms. Whether for prevention, in rehabilitation facilities or as preparation for an operation to the urogenital system.

Aims of Treatment 

 Prevention of incontinence
 Potency increase and better sex
 Help against erectile dysfunction
 Stimulation of blood flow in the genital area
 Delayed ejaculation (delaying of premature orgasm)
 Help before/after a prostatectomy (prostate removal) with incontinence complaints

Advantages of PelviPower Training for Men

 Easy and pain-free training
 Stronger effect than conventional independent training
 Noticeable, muscle-stimulating effect from the first session
 Strengthening of the muscles through magnetic field training
 Non-invasive training, i.e: You sit on a chair and train in your everyday clothing

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