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Swedish/ Relaxing massage

At the wellness hub we focus on all aspects of your health and wellbeing, massage is an integral part of that. Alongside our sports massage we also offer an array of relaxing massages.

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Swedish / relaxing massage is the most common type of massage therapy. In our luxurious and cosy treatment rooms, relax and indulge in this wonderful wellness treatment. Using made for life organic treatment oils. The treatment involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles. This is also combined with movement of the joints. By relieving muscle tension, Swedish therapy can be both relaxing and energizing.

• Swedish Massage, 30 min, Back, Neck & Shoulders = £55
• Swedish Massage, 55 min, Full Body = £70

Hot stone massage

As part of our relaxing treatment offerings we are pleased to be able to bring you hot stone massage therapy, which combined with the techniques of Swedish massage therapy helps you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissue. 

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Hot stone massage when used in combination with Swedish massage techniques can accelerate your recovery process. During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body. The stones are usually made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. According to the University of New Hampshire Health Services, hot massage stones are heated to between 130 and 145 degrees.

• Swedish Hot Stone Massage, 30 min = £45
• Swedish Hot Stone Massage, 55 min, Full Body = £60

Indian head massage

A very relaxing 45 minute treatment working on the upper back, neck, scalp and facial area to help relieve tension and stress. This therapy has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.
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It incorporates deep massage to the neck, shoulders, face and scalp. Indian Head Massage is deeply relaxing, soothing and calming for the mind.
indian head massage stimulates the nerves from the head area. This helps you to relax which, in turn, improves mental and physical health. It also increases circulation, exfoliates the scalp and nourishes the hair.

• Indian Head Massage, 20 min = £30

Deep tissue / sports massage

A type of massage therapy, deep tissue massage involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles).
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It’s used for chronic aches and pain and contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.

• Deep Tissue Massage, 25 min, just for Back, Neck & Shoulders = £45
• Deep Tissue Massage, 45 min (Back of body only, excluding feet) = £60

ESPA Facials

Reveal a clear, refreshed, naturally beautiful complexion with this express facial.

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Personalised to your needs, natural active formulas cleanse, re-balance and hydrate while aromatic essentials oils capture your mind, leaving you looking and feeling relaxed and radiant. Also includes Double cleanse, exfoliation, personalised mask and scalp massage.

• Express Facial, 25 min = £40
• Relaxing Facial, 60 min (includes décolleté and scalp massage) = £60

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