Clinical Pilates

Pilates-trained physiotherapists help you gain greater control over your spinal issues and improve fitness

The aim of clinical pilates is to assess the movement and control of the lower back and pelvic region, then use specific exercises to help correct the problem areas. The focus is on teaching the brain to recruit the correct muscle groups to find the correct pattern of movement than on the strength and length of muscles and joints. Here at The Wellness Hub, we have pilates trained physiotherapists ready to assist you with finding greater control over your spinal problems. Our tailor-made classes pinpoint the weak areas of the body and relevant exercises are taught to create a more balanced and injury-free body.

All people wanting to join our classes must first undergo a one-to-one session with one of our trained physiotherapists to assess and diagnose your injury and to talk you through the core principles of pilates. This will allow you to then join our classes with a good knowledge of what you should be aiming to achieve in each session. Classes are graded by difficulty to accommodate all levels of participants, from beginners through to advanced. We have a maximum of four people in a session to ensure that you receive the attention you need from our expert, who can offer you one-to-one tailored guidance.

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